I’m in your face… This photograph I took of Beans (Anti-Pop Consortium) is shown when the new Songkick app loads for the first time on iOS7. Check out the original.

One of my shots of Iron and Wine, at the Hackney Empire, used to advertise the newly redesigned Songkick app

In a few moments time, this image of mine of Beans from Anti-Pop Consortium will be featured on the loading screen of a prominent iOS 7 music app!

Edit: Check it

Had a meeting this morning about an upcoming photo-story I’m hoping to shoot. Looks like I’ve been given the access I need to make it a possibility. Exciting!

I was hired to shoot the first night of the Liverpool Sound City Festival for Bloom.fm last night. Such a good night. These are some of the shots that I live photo-blogged using my Canon 5D MKIII, an Eye-Fi SD card, my iPhone and Dropbox’s Camera Upload — BAM!

There are a bunch more shots on the Bloom.fm Facebook Page and will no doubt be more to follow once I get a chance to go through all the photos properly this weekend.

My photography is now *available for hire* on the exciting new Capturate.com site. If my style doesn’t suit (what are you doing here ;) there are (or will be) plenty of others to choose from (soon): http://timpho.to/capturate

EDIT: Don’t bother clicking the links, that site seems to have disintegrated!