Johnny 5 is alive!

Just spotted what I thought must be Crispin Hellion Glover’s older brother in Kojak s04e02. Turns out it was his father Bruce Herbert Glover!

Sylvester Stallone on Kojak (s03e03). Who loves ya baby?

Some great stills by Antwrangler from the set of Wes Anderson's latest beauty - Moonrise Kingdom. Kinda my dream job, or at least something I’d like to explore… If anyone is looking for a stills photographer to document their film, documentary, music video, etc. Get in touch!

Photo by Freddie Claire - the sound recordist during the filming of "Louis Theroux: Miami Mega Jail"

P.S. I’d love to get involved in this kinda stuff… Photographically documenting films or documentaries and doing sound design at the same time…

Achantè - A short and spell-binding documentary film about the Vodouisants of Haiti. Directed and produced by Emily McMehen along with cinematographer Geoffrey Sautnerby, Nick Zammuto (of The Books) created the soundtrack. Beautiful, intense and moving stuff - seek it out!

Trailer | Film website | Nick Zammuto

OXES ON BOXES!!! The legendary Oxes live at The Spitz (R.I.P.) back in June 2001. After repeated listens to a handful of MP3s a few days before the show, I threw away my ticket for a Samiam show the same night on a hunch it would be a good one. Oxes blew my mind! They’re touring the UK in December - so excited!

P.S. A decade a go I shot this on a film SLR I got for my 21st. I never learnt to use film properly and was always disappointed at having to use a flash… Live music was what originally inspired me about photography, but without any training nor funds to play around with, I didn’t get round to it properly until MUCH later

Madeo (2009) - A dark (and at times comedic) whodunit where the protagonist and accused are both fringe eccentrics. Beautifully shot. Zany!

The Life & Loss of Karen Woo directed by Ursula MacFarlane, and scored by Andrew Phillips (of Grasscut) will be on ITV1 this Sunday at 10:15pm

Content with Q&A by director Chris Petit at The Rio Cinema on Saturday 21st of May

"A beguiling autobiographical road movie and film essay conceived as a coda to his seminal Wenders inspired English road movie Radio On and as a reckoning with the economic crash of 2008…”

I have an inexplicable desire to watch The Mask right about now…

Rotary Signal Emitter 12” Animated Picture Disc by Sculpture, a London based musician Dan Hayhurst with animator Reuben Sutherland. My friend got this today - an amazing visual and auditory collaboration on vinyl… This is SOOOO good! Inspired

Portobello Film Festival (2nd to the 19th of September 2010). Worth a look in - some interesting stuff going down at their 15th Birthday Extravaganza

Låt Den Rätte Komma In (2008). A fresh take on the staid coming-of-age / bully genre …complete with vampire!

P.S. How on earth do they expect to pull off a Hollywood remake?