My top 136 LPs of 2004 to continue my Year-In-A-Month series. This one took a little longer than a month, so I took it easy and stretched it out over two instead! Take a listen on via Tomahawk or Spotify. There are likely missing tracks, so holler if you’re curious about something…

( ( ( microwaves ) ) ) (2004) Attack Decay Sustain Release
Akrobatik (2004) Balance
Alison Ranger (2004) Formula Imperative
Animal Collective (2004) Sung Tongs
Arcade Fire (2004) Funeral
Asa-Chang & Junray (2004) Kana (with Hanaregumi) CDs
Ativin (2004) Night Mute
Battles (2004) B EP CDep
Beauty Pill (2004) The Unsustainable Lifestyle
Beta Band, The (2004) Heroes to Zeros
Bjork (2004) Medulla
Black Eyes (2004) Cough
Bleeding Kansas (2004) 1859
Blonde Redhead (2004) Misery is a Butterfly
Blood Brothers, The (2004) Crimes
Br. Danielson (2004) Brother, Son
Broken Social Scene (2004) Bee Hives
Broken Spindles (2004) fulfilled,complete
Buried Inside (2004) Chronoclast
Califone (2004) Heron King Blues
Cass McCombs (2004) A
Circle Takes the Square (2004) As the Roots Undo
cLOUDDEAD (2004) Ten
Converge (2004) You Fail Me
Craig Taborn (2004) Junk Magic
dalek (2004) Absence
DJ Krush (2004) Jaku
DJ Signify (2004) Sleep No More
DJ Spooky (2004) Rhythm Science
Daughters (2004) Remastered Daughters 7”
David Grubbs (2004) A Guess at the Riddle
David Sandstrom (2004) The Dominant Need of the Needy Soul is to be Needed
Death from Above 1979 (2004) You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine
Deerhoof (2004) Milk Man
Devendra Banhart (2004) Nino Rojo
Devendra Banhart (2004) Rejoicing in the Hands
Dolorean (2004) Violence in the Snowy Fields
Dose One (2004) As Subtle, A New White
Dungen (2004) Ta Det Lugnt
Edan (2004) As the Dee-Jay, Sound of the Funky Drummer
edIT (2004) Crying Over Pros for No Reason
Elliott Smith (2004) From a Basement on the Hill
Enablers (2004) End Note
End (2004) Percussions
End (2004) The Sounds of Disaster
Engine Down (2004) Engine Down
Evil Nine (2004) You Can be Special Too
Feist (2004) Let it Die
Frog Eyes (2004) The Folded Palm
Gay for Johnny Depp (2004) Erotically Charged Dance Songs for the Desperate
Haiku d’Etat (2004) Coup de Theatre
Handsome Boy Modeling School (2004) White People
Hayden (2004) Elk-Lake Serenade
Hella (2004) The Devil isn’t Red
Hot Cross (2004) Fair Trades and Farewells CDep
Hot Snakes (2004) Audit in Progress
Humcrush (2004) Stronen, Storlokken
Illogic (2004) Celestial Clockwork
Insight (2004) Targeting Zones
Insight (2004) The Blast Radius
Iron and Wine (2004) Our Endless Numbered Days
Jaga Jazzist (2004) As Lars Horntveth, Pooka
Jason Forrest (2004) The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash
Joan of Arc (2004) As Make Believe, Make Believe CDep
Joan of Arc (2004) Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain
John Vanderslice (2004) Cellar Door
Kaki King (2004) Legs to Make us Longer
Karate (2004) Pockets
Karst (2004) Vision of Insane Hope
Kill Sadie (2004) We’re All a Little Sick
Kings of Convenience (2004) Riot on an Empty Street
Lali Puna (2004) Faking the Books
MF Doom (2004) As Viktor Vaughn, Venomous Villain
Maroons (2004) Ambush
Matthew Shipp (2004) Harmony and Abyss
Max Richter (2004) The Blue Notebooks
Medeski, Martin & Wood (2004) End of World Party
mewithoutYou (2004) Catch for us the Foxes
Micah P. Hinson (2004) And the Gospel of Progress (2005 Release)
Mike Ladd (2004) Nostalgialator
Mike Patton (2004) And Kaada, Romances
Minor Times, The (2004) Making Enemies
Minus the Bear (2004) They Make Beer Commercials Like This CDep (2008 Remaster)
Mirah (2004) C’mon Miracle
Mock Orange (2004) Mind is Not Brain
Modest Mouse (2004) Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Mr. Lif (2004) And Akrobatik as the Perceptionists, The Razor
National Bank, The (2004) The National Bank
Nitrada (2004) We Don’t Know Why but We do it
Noxagt (2004) The Iron Point
O.Lamm (2004) Hello Spiral
Of Montreal (2004) Satanic Panic in the Attic
Off Minor (2004) Innominate
Owen (2004) I Do Perceive
P.O.S. (2004) Ipecac Neat
pAper chAse, the (2004) god bless your blAck heArt
Panoply Academy, the (2004) Everything Here was Built to Break
Pedro the Lion (2004) Achilles Heel
Pinback (2004) Summer in Abaddon
Polyphonic Spree, The (2004) Together We’re Heavy
Promise Ring, The (2004) Wood, Water
Puente Celeste (2004) Manana Domingo
Radioinactive (2004) And AntiMC, Free Kamal
Rapider than Horsepower (2004) Stage Fright, Stage Fright, This is My Big Night
Red Light Sting, The (2004) Hands Up, Tiger
Rob Sonic (2004) Telicatessen
Roots, The (2004) The Tipping Point
Savath and Savalas (2004) Apropa’t
Sixtoo (2004) Chewing on Glass & Other Miracle Cures
Skalpel (2004) Skalpel
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2004) Of Natural History
Slowblow (2004) Slowblow
Solex (2004) The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock
Sonic Youth (2004) Sonic Nurse
Sounds Like Violence (2004) The Pistol CDep
Stina Nordenstam (2004) The World is Saved
Styrofoam (2004) Nothing’s Lost
Suffering and the Hideous Thieves (2004) Rats in Heaven
Sufjan Stevens (2004) Seven Swans
TTC (2004) Batards Sensible
TV on the Radio (2004) Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
Thavius Beck (2004) Decomposition
Thee More Shallows (2004) More Deep Cuts
Tom Waits (2004) Real Gone
Turing Machine (2004) Zwei
Twelve Tribes (2004) The Rebirth of Tragedy
Two Gallants (2004) The Throes
Vandermark 5 (2004) Color of Memory
Venetian Snares (2004) Moonglow bw This Bitter Earth 7”
Vincent & Mr. Green (2004) Vincent & Mr. Green
Wilco (2004) A Ghost is Born
Will Johnson (2004) Vultures Await
Wordsworth (2004) Mirror Music
Woven Hand (2004) Consider the Birds
Xiu Xiu (2004) Fabulous Muscles
Zu (2004) And Spaceways INC, RADIALE

My top 127 LPs of 2003 to continue my Year-In-A-Month series. Take a listen on via Tomahawk or Spotify. There are likely missing tracks, so holler if you’re curious about something…

31knots (2003) It was High Time to Escape
90 Day Men (2003) Panda Park
Ahmad Szabo (2003) This Book is about Words
An Albatross (2003) We are the Lazer Viking
Andrew Bird (2003) Weather Systems
Andrew Broder (2003) More Modern Hits CDep
Anti-Pop Consortium (2003) Vs. Matthew Shipp (The Blue Series Continuum)
Asa-Chang & Junray (2003) Tsu Gi Ne Pu CDep
Atmosphere (2003) Seven’s Travels
Axel Krygier (2003) Secreto Y Malibu O.S.T
Bad Plus, The (2003) These are the Vistas
Basement Jaxx (2003) Kish Kash
Beans (2003) Tomorrow Right Now
Beulah (2003) Yoko
Black Eyes (2003) Black Eyes
Blood Brothers, The (2003) Burn, Piano Island, Burn
Bonnie ”Prince” Billy (2003) Master and Everyone
Books, The (2003) The Lemon of Pink
Brand New (2003) Deja Entendu
Brandtson (2003) Death & Taxes CDep
Bucket Full of Teeth (2003) I, II, III
Busdriver (2003) Temporary Forever
Califone (2003) Quicksand, Cradlesnakes
Chris Brokaw (2003) Wandering as Water
Curl up and Die (2003) …but the Past Ain’t Through with us CDep
Curl up and Die (2003) We May be Through with the Past… CDep
Cursive (2003) The Ugly Organ
DJ Format (2003) Music for the Mature B-Boy
DJ Wally (2003) Nothing Stays the Same
Daedelus (2003) The Household CDep
Daedelus (2003) The Quiet Party CDep
Damien Jurado (2003) Holding His Breath CDep
Davide Balula (2003) Pellicule
Dead Science, The (2003) Submariner
Death Cab for Cutie (2003) Transatlanticism
Decemberists, The (2003) Her Majesty the Decemberists
Del Rey (2003) Darkness & Distance
Desert City Soundtrack (2003) Funeral Car
Diverse (2003) One A.M
Dwayne Sodahberk (2003) The Partying without Inhibition or Dignity CDep
Dwayne Sodahberk (2003) Unfortunately
eNVY (2003) A Dead Sinking Story
Fairweather (2003) Lusitania
Four Tet (2003) Rounds
From Monument to Masses (2003) The Impossible Leap in One Hundred Simple Steps
GO TEAM! (2003) This My No Heart… CDep
Ghosts & Vodka (2003) Addicts and Drunks
Her Space Holiday (2003) The Young Machines
Howard Hello (2003) Don’t Drink His Blood
Hymie’s Basement (2003) Hymie’s Basement
Illogic (2003) Write to Death (Vol. I) My Hand Hurts CDep
Insight (2003) The Maysun Project
J-Live (2003) Always Has Been CDep
J-Live (2003) Always Will be CDep
Jealous Sound, The (2003) Kill them with Kindness
Joan of Arc (2003) In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust
Joan of Arc (2003) So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness
Kaki King (2003) Everybody Loves You
L’Atelier (2003) Buffet Des Anciens Eleves
Lapse, The (2003) In Truth Loved
Loose Fur (2003) Loose Fur
Lyrics Born (2003) Later that Day
M. Ward (2003) Transfiguration of Vincent
Marcelo D2 (2003) A Procura da Batida Perfeita
Mars Volta, The (2003) De-Loused in the Comatorium
Mates of State (2003) Team Boo
Matthew Shipp (2003) Sorcerer Sessions (The Blue Series Continuum)
Medications (2003) Medications CDep
Melt Banana (2003) Cell-Scape
Menomena (2003) I am the Fun Blame Monster!
Microphones, The (2003) Mount Eerie
Mike Ladd (2003) And Vijay Iyer, In What Language
My Jazzy Child (2003) Sada Soul
North of America (2003) Brothers, Sisters
Off Minor (2003) The Heat Death of the Universe
Onry Ozzborn (2003) The Grey Area
Papa M (2003) Single #4 CDs
Pinback (2003) Offcell CDep
Playing Enemy (2003) Ephemera CDep
Poison the Well (2003) You Come Before You
Pole (2003) Pole (Feat. Fat Jon)
Postal Service, The (2003) Give Up + Singles
Prefuse 73 (2003) One Word Extinguisher
Push Button Objects (2003) Ghetto Blaster
Rachel’s (2003) Systems, Layers
Radiohead (2003) Hail to the Thief
Radioinactive (2003) With Busdriver & Daedelus as, The Weather
Raein (2003) Il N’y Pas De Orchestre
Resplendent (2003) EP II, Wings Beneath the Sills CDep
Reynolds (2003) ”Love Songs”
Sage Francis (2003) As Non-Prophets, Hope
Satanicpornocultshop (2003) Anorexia Gas Balloon
Satanicpornocultshop (2003) Piss Off CDr
Saves the Day (2003) In Reverie
Scout Niblett (2003) I am
Secret Mommy (2003) Babies That Hunt
Shins, The (2003) Chutes Too Narrow
Shipping News (2003) Three-Four
Silver Mt. Zion, A (2003) ”This is Our Punk-Rock” Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing
Since by Man (2003) Sing the Body Electric
Sixtoo (2003) Antagonist Survival Kit
Slowblow (2003) Noi Albinoi O.S.T
Soiled Doves (2003) Soiled Life
Soul-Junk (2003) 1958
South San Gabriel (2003) Welcome, Convalescence
Stephen Malkmus (2003) And the Jicks, Pig Lib
Styrofoam (2003) I’m What’s there to Show that Something’s Missing
Suffering and the Hideous Thieves (2003) The Hush Hush Split CDep
Sufjan Stevens (2003) Greetings from Michigan, The Great Lakes State
TV on the Radio (2003) Young Liars CDep
Tes (2003) X2
These Arms are Snakes (2003) This is Meant to Hurt You CDep
Thunderbirds are Now! (2003) Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
Tied & Tickled Trio (2003) Observing Systems
Tujiko Noriko (2003) From Tokyo to Naiagara
U.S. Maple (2003) Purple on Time
UI (2003) Answers
Ugly Duckling (2003) Taste the Secret
Unicorns, The (2003) Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone
Usurp Synapse (2003) Disinformation Fix (Discography)
Vandermark 5 (2003) Six for Rollins
Venetian Snares (2003) Find Candace
Venetian Snares (2003) Winter in the Belly of a Snake
Vijay Iyer (2003) Blood Sutra
Weakerthans, The (2003) Reconstruction Site
William Basinski (2003) The Disintegration Loops I - IV
Xiu Xiu (2003) A Promise

Here’s my epic best albums (play)list for my Year In A Month: 2002 — 125 LPs! I made a playlist consisting of 1 track from each album. You should be able to listen to a lot of them here: or alternately I’ve made a Spotify playlist too

( ( ( microwaves ) ) ) (2002) System 2
90 Day Men (2002) To Everybody
Amon Tobin (2002) Out from Out Where
And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead (2002) Source Tags & Codes
Andrew Broder (2002) Modern Hits CDep
Anti-Pop Consortium (2002) Arrythmia
Archer Prewitt (2002) Three
Asa-Chang & Junray (2002) Jun Ray Song Chang
Ativin (2002) Interiors
Atmosphere (2002) God Loves Ugly
Beck (2002) Sea Change
Black Eyes (2002) Shut Up, I Never CDep
Blackalicious (2002) Blazing Arrow
Boards of Canada (2002) Geogaddi
Books, The (2002) Thought for Food
Bright Calm Blue (2002) Asymmetry Set
Bright Eyes (2002) Lifted (or) The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
Burnt by the Sun (2002) Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution
Cancer Conspiracy, The (2002) The Audio Medium
Check Engine (2002) Check Engine
Chris Bowden (2002) Slightly Askew
Cobra Kai (2002) Complete Recordings 10”
Coheed and Cambria (2002) Second Stage Turbine Blade
Crime in Choir (2002) Crime in Choir CDep
Curl up and Die (2002) Unfortunately We’re Not Robots
DJ Krush (2002) Shinsou, The Message at the Depth
DJ Spooky (2002) Optometry
Daedelus (2002) Invention
Damien Jurado (2002) And Gathered in Song, I Break Chairs
David Grubbs (2002) Rickets & Scurvy
Deerhoof (2002) Reveille
Desaparecidos (2002) Read Music, Speak Spanish
Dilute (2002) Grape Blueprints Pour Spinach Olive Grape
Doug Martsch (2002) Now You Know
Dwayne Sodahberk (2002) Don’t Want to Know You
Edan ‎— 2002 — Primitive Plus
El Guapo (2002) Super, System
El-P (2002) Fantastic Damage
Engine Down (2002) Demure
Epidemic, The (2002) Now Museum, Now You Don’t
Esbjorn Svensson Trio (2002) Strange Place for Snow
Examination of the… (2002) We are the Architects of Desire
Eyedea (2002) The Many Faces of Oliver Hart (or How Eye One the Write too Think)
Fenn O’Berg (2002) Return
Fieldwork (2002) Your Life Flashes
Fire Show, The (2002) Saint the Fire Show
Friend, Enemy (2002) 10 Songs
Frog Eyes (2002) The Golden River (2006 Reissue)
From Monument to Masses (2002) From Monument to Masses
Fujiya & Miyagi (2002) Electro Karaoke in the Negative Style
Gantz (2002) Le Jours Se Suivent E Ne Se Ressemblent Plus
Garrison (2002) Be a Criminal
Gloria Record, The (2002) Start Here
Good Life, The (2002) Black Out
Hangedup (2002) Kicker in Tow
Hella (2002) Hold Your Horse is
Herbaliser, The (2002) Something Wicked this Way Comes
Hey Mercedes (2002) The Weekend CDep
Hidden Chord (2002) As the Captain and His Entourage CDep
Hot Hot Heat (2002) Make up the Breakdown
Hot Rod Circuit (2002) Sorry About Tomorrow
Hot Snakes (2002) Suicide Invoice
Hrvatski (2002) Swarm & Dither
I am Spoonbender (2002) Shown Actual Size CDep
I, Robot (2002) Et Cetera
Illogic (2002) Got Lyrics
Isis (2002) Oceanic
J-Live (2002) All of the Above
Jaga Jazzist (2002) The Stix
John Vanderslice (2002) Life and Death of an American Fourtracker (1981-2000)
Karate (2002) Some Boots
Kite Flying Society (2002) Jochem CDep
Koufax (2002) Social Life
Love Like… Electrocution (2002) Love Like… Electrocution
Love Lost But Not Forgotten (2002) Upon the Right, I Saw a New Misery
M. Ward (2002) Duet for Guitars #2
Mates of State (2002) Our Constant Concern
Matthew Shipp (2002) Equilibrium
Medeski, Martin & Wood (2002) Uninvisible
Microphones, The (2002) Little Bird Flies into a Big Black Cloud
Minor Times, The (2002) Chris Chambers Never Misses CDep
Minus the Bear (2002) Highly Refined Pirates
Modest Mouse (2002) As Ugly Casanova, Sharpen Your Teeth
Mr. Lif (2002) I Phantom
Ms. John Soda (2002) No P. or D
Norman (2002) Polarity
Notwist, The (2002) Neon Golden
Oddjobs (2002) Drums
Off Minor (2002) Problematic Courtship, Plus Live Tracks CDep
Offwhyte (2002) The Fifth Sun
Orchid (2002) Gatefold
Owen (2002) No Good for No One Now
Oxes (2002) oXXXes
Part Chimp (2002) Chart Pimp
Pedro the Lion (2002) Control
Phantomsmasher (2002) Phantomsmasher
Piebald (2002) We are the Only Friends We Have
RJD2 (2002) Deadringer (2009 Remaster)
Racebannon (2002) In the Grips of the Light 2x12”
Racionais MC’s (2002) Nada Como Um Dia Apos O Outro Dia (Ri Depois)
Red Animal War (2002) Black Phantom Crusades
Roots, The (2002) Phrenology
Rumah Sakit (2002) Obscured by Clowns
Sage Francis (2002) Personal Journals
Sleep (2002) Riot by Candlelight
Song of Zarathustra (2002) A View from High Tides
Sonic Youth (2002) Murray Street
Sweep the Leg Johnny (2002) Going Down Swingin’
TTC (2002) Ceci N’est Pas un Disque
Talib Kweli (2002) Quality
Ten Grand (2002) This is the Way to Rule
Thee More Shallows (2002) A History of Sport Fishing
Themselves (2002) The No Music
Tujiko Noriko (2002) Hard Ni Sasete (Make Me Hard)
Twothirtyeight (2002) Regulate the Chemicals
Under Byen (2002) Det Er Mig Der Holder Traeerne Sammen
Venetian Snares (2002) A Giant Alien Force More Violent & Sick than Anything You Can Imagine CDep
Weezer (2002) Maladroit
Whisper in the Noise, A (2002) Through the Ides of March
Wilco (2002) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Wolves (2002)
Zegota (2002) Namaste
dalek (2002) From Filthy Tongue of gods and Griots
mewithoutYou (2002) A to B Life
pAper chAse, the (2002) hide the kitchen knives

So here’s the culmination of my Year In A Month: 2001 — 129 LPs! I was clearly very much into screamo and hardcore at the time, but there’s something for every discerning ear ;)

I made a playlist consisting of 1 track from each album. You should be able to listen to most of them here: or alternately on Spotify

Aesop Rock (2001) Labor Days
Air (2001) 10 000 Hz Legend
Alison Ranger (2001) Alison Ranger CDep
An Albatross (2001) Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder
Anniversary, The (2001) Vagrant Records, Another Year on the Streets (Compilation)
Anti-Pop Consortium (2001) Shopping Carts Crashing
Aphex Twin (2001) drukqs
Arkangel (2001) Dead Man Walking
As Friends Rust (2001) Eleven Songs
Azure Ray (2001) Azure Ray
Backstabbers Inc. (2001) While You Were Sleeping CDep
Beauty Pill (2001) The Cigarette Girl from the Future CDep
Beta Band, The (2001) Hot Shots II
Beulah (2001) The Coast is Never Clear
Blenderhead (2001) Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture
Brand New (2001) Your Favourite Weapon
Buck 65 (2001) Man Overboard
Built to Spill (2001) Ancient Melodies of the Future
Buried Inside (2001) Suspect Symmetry
Burnt by the Sun (2001) Burnt by the Sun CDep
Califone (2001) Roomsound
Candiria (2001) 300 Percent Density
Caural (2001) Paint CDep
Church Universal and Triumphant, The (2001) Sounds of American Doomsday Cults, Vol. XIV 12”
Circulatory System (2001) Circulatory System
Converge (2001) Jane Doe
Cornelius (2001) Point
Countervail (2001) In the Event of an Unscheduled Landing CDep
Craig’s Brother (2001) Lost at Sea
Cursive (2001) Burst and Bloom CDep
Damien Jurado (2001) Four Songs CDep
Danielson Famile (2001) Fetch the Compass Kids
Dashboard Confessional (2001) The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
David Sandström (2001) Om Det Inte Händer Nåt Innan Imorgon Så Kommer Jag
Del Rey (2001) Speak it Not Aloud
Dilute (2001) The Gypsy Valentine Curve
Disflex.6 (2001) Hot Season EP
Drowningman (2001) Still Loves You CDep
End, The (2001) Transfer Trachea Reverberations from Point: False Omniscient
eNVY (2001) All the Footprints You’ve Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead
Every Time I Die (2001) Last Night in Town
Eyedea & Abilities (2001) First Born
Fantômas (2001) The Director’s Cut
Four Tet (2001) Pause
Frodus (2001) And We Washed Our Weapons into the Sea
Further Seems Forever (2001) The Moon is Down
H2O (2001) Go!
Hangedup (2001) Hangedup
Hayden (2001) Skyscraper National Park
Hella (2001) Leather Diamond EP CDr
Hey Mercedes (2001) Everynight Fire Works
Hi-Tek (2001) Hi-Teknology
Hood (2001) Cold house
Hope Conspiracy, The (2001) File 03 CDep
Hopesfall (2001) No Wings to Speak of… CDep
Hot Cross (2001) A New Set of Lungs CDep
Hot Water Music (2001) Never Ender (Compilation)
Isis (2001) Celestial + SGNL>5 CDep
J-Live (2001) True School Revival CDep
Jaga Jazzist (2001) A Livingroom Hush
Jeff Mangum (2001) Orange Twin Field Works (Vol. I)
Jim O’Rourke (2001) I’m Happy and I’m Singing and a 1, 2, 3, 4
Jim O’Rourke (2001) Insignificance
Jimmy Eat World (2001) Bleed American
John Vanderslice (2001) Time Travel is Lonely
Joshua Fit for Battle (2001) To Bring Our Own End 12”
Kaada (2001) Thank You for Giving Me Your Valuable Time
kaki.o.badi (2001) We Kill Ourselves with Compassion
Karate (2001) Cancel Sing CDep
Kings of Convenience (2001) Quiet is the New Loud
Kite Flying Society (2001) Kite Flying Society, Pink CDep
Knut (2001) Challenger
Lali Puna (2001) Scary World Theory
Locust, The (2001) Flight of the Wounded Locust
M. Ward (2001) End of Amnesia
Majority Rule (2001) Interviews with David Frost
Microphones, The (2001) The Glow Pt 2
Minus (2001) Jesus Christ Bobby
Minus the Bear (2001) This is What I Know About Being Gigantic CDep
Mixmaster Mike (2001) Spin Psycle
Mouse on Mars (2001) Idiology
Nathaniel Merriweather (2001) Mike Patton & Dan the Automator are Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady
North of America (2001) This is Dance Floor Numerology
Now, the (2001) the Now CDep
Onry Ozzborn (2001) Alone
Owen (2001) Owen
Owls (2001) Owls
Panoply Academy, the (2001) No Dead Time
pAper chAse, the (2001) young bodies heAl quickly, you know
pg.99 (2001) Document #7 CDep
pg.99 (2001) Document #8
Pillar (2001) Everyone is as Terrified as You are
Pinback (2001) Blue Screen Life
Plan, The (2001) Only these Movements Remain
Playing Enemy (2001) Caesarean
Prefuse 73 (2001) Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
Puente Celeste (2001) Pasando El Mar
Pullman (2001) Viewfinder
Radiohead (2001) Amnesiac (B-Sides)
Red Animal War (2001) Breaking in an Angel
Red Light Sting, The (2001) Rub ‘em Down, Rub ‘em Out CDep
Roots Manuva (2001) Run Come Save Me
Saul Williams (2001) Amethyst Rock Star
Sharks Keep Moving (2001) Pause and Clause CDep
Shipping News (2001) Very Soon, and in Pleasant Company
Sixtoo (2001) Duration
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2001) Grand Opening and Closing
Small Brown Bike (2001) Dead Reckoning
Snacktruck (2001) Demo I CDep
Spirit that Guides us, The (2001) The Sand, the Barrier
Spring Heel Jack (2001) Masses
Stairwell (2001) The Sounds of Change
Stephen Malkmus (2001) Stephen Malkmus
Suffering and the Hideous Thieves (2001) Real Panic Formed
Sufjan Stevens (2001) Enjoy Your Rabbit
Taken (2001) And They Slept
Techno Animal (2001) Brotherhood of the Bomb
This Machine Kills (2001) Death in the Audobon Ballroom
Thomas Feiner & Anywhen (2001) The Opiates
Tora! Tora! Torrance! (2001) Get into It
Tortoise (2001) Standards
Unwed Sailor (2001) The Faithful Anchor
Vandermark 5 (2001) Acoustic Machine
Venetian Snares (2001) Doll Doll Doll
Vidablue, The (2001) The Comprehensive List of Everyone… 12”
Vincent Gallo (2001) When
Wolves (2001) 4 Song Demo CS
Yage (2001) The Human Head Too Strong for Itself CDep
Yaphet Kotto (2001) Syncopated Synthetic Laments for Love

P.S. I’m considering taking every other month off, to soak & revel in the findings from the previous month …should also take the pressure off a little!

A year of music… Each month!

I’ve tasked myself with the challenge of only listening to albums that came out in 2001 during the month of January, culminating in a top albums of year list, along with a mixtape or playlist containing a single track from each of the albums that made my list.

In February I’ll move on to 2002, March - 2003, April - 2004 etc… up until November with 2011. Then, in December I’ll switch back to 2013 and brush up on this year’s releases. I spent most of December 2012 brushing up on 2012 albums anyway hence me starting from 2001.

If this goes as well as I hope, I’ll be doing the same in January 2014, but starting with 1990. This let’s me do my 2014 catch-up in December again.

Pretty neat eh?

Since my entire collection has been well organised and digital for many years, it was very easy to do a simple search for all my 2001 albums. I then whittled down a shortlist of albums I either recalled as being ‘brilliant’, or stuff I wanted to brush up on, transcoded them from FLAC (lossless) to M4A (lossy) and copied them onto my iPhone - taking up a whopping 20GB. This not-so-shortlist consists of a whopping 328 albums! I’m using’s shiny new Scrobbler app to listen to and love everything as I go — 'cos if it doesn't scrobble, it doesn't count!

That’s obviously A LOT to get through. Works out to roughly 11 albums or ±8 hours of music listening a day! I have no illusions about keeping that sort of pace up, so I’m brutally culling albums as I listen. I.E. If I’m not feeling something it’s straight on to the next one! Saying that, I totally plan on basking in the good ‘uns.

There are of course some caveats: I’m not going to completely ignore new releases, and I’m also going to be brushing up on some stuff for upcoming gigs etc. along the way too.

Wish me luck. I’ll let you know how it goes!