My ride — this little beaut is nearly 5 years old. Secretly hoping he turns into Viktor on his birthday though… ;)

My work listening setup: Schiit Modi DAC » Schiit Magni headphone amplifier » Soundmagic HP100 headphones… Yes!

The snowy view from Tower Bridge this afternoon. Apparently Tumblr excels at viewing panoramas now (about time someone took up the gauntlet!). What you think?

100km London Night Ride 2012. I both enjoyed and survived it. On little to no practice other than my 3 times weekly commute too - due to various complications like getting run over by a car 2 weeks ago and having a life. 24 hours later and I’m feeling surprisingly good.

Absolutely stunning weather - evidently a calm in the eye of the storm. You wouldn’t believe how perfect it was throughout the night. It started getting light at 3am, and by 4am the sun had yet to show itself but it was as broad as daylight.

It was really fun riding all over London - triggered so many great memories of all the places I’ve lived, worked, played, cycled over the past 12 years that it has been my home. And it was a pleasure to see it out-of-context - so desolate and void of it’s usual vibrancy. Refreshing!

Finally, to reiterate what I accomplished: I stayed up all night cycling 100km around London on a crazy circuitous route on a 20” fold-up bicycle with a single fixed gear and no breaks - this means that hills (both up and down) are most challenging - no coasting whatsoever! This was done for my own sense of achievement and for Moorfields Eye Chairty ( Donations accepted until the 30th: )

P.S. There are more shots on Facebook - mostly terrible as I was attempting to save my iPhone battery to record the epic journey on Strava. Unfortunately it looks like my GPS signal disappeared on the final leg!

Yari’s Autonomics! Anyone have a clue what reference this is from?

Hint: My eyes are doing a poor impression of the lead-character’s more famous mannerisms…

The Sun has returned!

Amon Tobin + Tessa Farmer’s Control Over Nature exhibit at Crypt Gallery. Lush sound, stunning detail, apt venue. Closes June 5th. Don’t miss out!

P.S. Pleasantly surprised at how well these camera phone shots came out

Serpent curry with rice crackers and Vietnamese red wine at Nam Bo restaurant, Can Tho, Vietnam

Custom moulded ear tips for my Etymotic HF3sLush!

I also invested in a pair of custom moulded ER-15s too - pricey but not considering the amount of concerts I go to…

Matthew Shipp Trio live at the Vortex Jazz Cafe moments ago. One of the top venues in London these days for sure…

Rosa Barba at the Level 2 Gallery, Tate Modern. Closes January 8th 2011

First my dominant eye develops a painful sleep-depriving ulcer, then my camera breaks down in the middle of the final climactic performance of a multi-day photo-documentary project with Sweden’s Wildbirds & Peacedrums and London’s Roundhouse Experimental Choir… Not the best start to the weekend.

The eye is getting better slowly but surely - I’m medicating with the help of Moorfields Eye Hospital (best in England). Sleep will return this evening - after some dancing at an intimate Prefuse 73 gig! The camera, however, is a bit of a pain in the ass…

It’s a Canon 500D (which I adore) and it’s still under it’s 2 year warranty, but if my prior experience with Canon repairs is anything to go by, it’s going to take weeks till it’s repaired and returned. I have photo-passes for and would like to shoot many a gig until Christmas. So do I spring for the improved 550D in the mean time and sell the 500D when it comes back all pristine?

Ideally I’d like someone to sweep me off my feet and offer to let me test the 550D, 60D, 5D and 7D one after the other in the field (with my trusty Canon 85mm f1.8 lens) to see which is better and why - yes the specs and reviews are out there, but in a specialised field such as flashless low-light gig photography, you really need to see them in action… Or better yet, an offer of sponsorship?

My initial feelings on the new Path photo sharing app…

Can anyone guess where this was taken?