So here’s the culmination of my Year In A Month: 2001 — 129 LPs! I was clearly very much into screamo and hardcore at the time, but there’s something for every discerning ear ;)

I made a playlist consisting of 1 track from each album. You should be able to listen to most of them here: or alternately on Spotify

Aesop Rock (2001) Labor Days
Air (2001) 10 000 Hz Legend
Alison Ranger (2001) Alison Ranger CDep
An Albatross (2001) Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder
Anniversary, The (2001) Vagrant Records, Another Year on the Streets (Compilation)
Anti-Pop Consortium (2001) Shopping Carts Crashing
Aphex Twin (2001) drukqs
Arkangel (2001) Dead Man Walking
As Friends Rust (2001) Eleven Songs
Azure Ray (2001) Azure Ray
Backstabbers Inc. (2001) While You Were Sleeping CDep
Beauty Pill (2001) The Cigarette Girl from the Future CDep
Beta Band, The (2001) Hot Shots II
Beulah (2001) The Coast is Never Clear
Blenderhead (2001) Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture
Brand New (2001) Your Favourite Weapon
Buck 65 (2001) Man Overboard
Built to Spill (2001) Ancient Melodies of the Future
Buried Inside (2001) Suspect Symmetry
Burnt by the Sun (2001) Burnt by the Sun CDep
Califone (2001) Roomsound
Candiria (2001) 300 Percent Density
Caural (2001) Paint CDep
Church Universal and Triumphant, The (2001) Sounds of American Doomsday Cults, Vol. XIV 12”
Circulatory System (2001) Circulatory System
Converge (2001) Jane Doe
Cornelius (2001) Point
Countervail (2001) In the Event of an Unscheduled Landing CDep
Craig’s Brother (2001) Lost at Sea
Cursive (2001) Burst and Bloom CDep
Damien Jurado (2001) Four Songs CDep
Danielson Famile (2001) Fetch the Compass Kids
Dashboard Confessional (2001) The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
David Sandström (2001) Om Det Inte Händer Nåt Innan Imorgon Så Kommer Jag
Del Rey (2001) Speak it Not Aloud
Dilute (2001) The Gypsy Valentine Curve
Disflex.6 (2001) Hot Season EP
Drowningman (2001) Still Loves You CDep
End, The (2001) Transfer Trachea Reverberations from Point: False Omniscient
eNVY (2001) All the Footprints You’ve Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead
Every Time I Die (2001) Last Night in Town
Eyedea & Abilities (2001) First Born
Fantômas (2001) The Director’s Cut
Four Tet (2001) Pause
Frodus (2001) And We Washed Our Weapons into the Sea
Further Seems Forever (2001) The Moon is Down
H2O (2001) Go!
Hangedup (2001) Hangedup
Hayden (2001) Skyscraper National Park
Hella (2001) Leather Diamond EP CDr
Hey Mercedes (2001) Everynight Fire Works
Hi-Tek (2001) Hi-Teknology
Hood (2001) Cold house
Hope Conspiracy, The (2001) File 03 CDep
Hopesfall (2001) No Wings to Speak of… CDep
Hot Cross (2001) A New Set of Lungs CDep
Hot Water Music (2001) Never Ender (Compilation)
Isis (2001) Celestial + SGNL>5 CDep
J-Live (2001) True School Revival CDep
Jaga Jazzist (2001) A Livingroom Hush
Jeff Mangum (2001) Orange Twin Field Works (Vol. I)
Jim O’Rourke (2001) I’m Happy and I’m Singing and a 1, 2, 3, 4
Jim O’Rourke (2001) Insignificance
Jimmy Eat World (2001) Bleed American
John Vanderslice (2001) Time Travel is Lonely
Joshua Fit for Battle (2001) To Bring Our Own End 12”
Kaada (2001) Thank You for Giving Me Your Valuable Time
kaki.o.badi (2001) We Kill Ourselves with Compassion
Karate (2001) Cancel Sing CDep
Kings of Convenience (2001) Quiet is the New Loud
Kite Flying Society (2001) Kite Flying Society, Pink CDep
Knut (2001) Challenger
Lali Puna (2001) Scary World Theory
Locust, The (2001) Flight of the Wounded Locust
M. Ward (2001) End of Amnesia
Majority Rule (2001) Interviews with David Frost
Microphones, The (2001) The Glow Pt 2
Minus (2001) Jesus Christ Bobby
Minus the Bear (2001) This is What I Know About Being Gigantic CDep
Mixmaster Mike (2001) Spin Psycle
Mouse on Mars (2001) Idiology
Nathaniel Merriweather (2001) Mike Patton & Dan the Automator are Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady
North of America (2001) This is Dance Floor Numerology
Now, the (2001) the Now CDep
Onry Ozzborn (2001) Alone
Owen (2001) Owen
Owls (2001) Owls
Panoply Academy, the (2001) No Dead Time
pAper chAse, the (2001) young bodies heAl quickly, you know
pg.99 (2001) Document #7 CDep
pg.99 (2001) Document #8
Pillar (2001) Everyone is as Terrified as You are
Pinback (2001) Blue Screen Life
Plan, The (2001) Only these Movements Remain
Playing Enemy (2001) Caesarean
Prefuse 73 (2001) Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives
Puente Celeste (2001) Pasando El Mar
Pullman (2001) Viewfinder
Radiohead (2001) Amnesiac (B-Sides)
Red Animal War (2001) Breaking in an Angel
Red Light Sting, The (2001) Rub ‘em Down, Rub ‘em Out CDep
Roots Manuva (2001) Run Come Save Me
Saul Williams (2001) Amethyst Rock Star
Sharks Keep Moving (2001) Pause and Clause CDep
Shipping News (2001) Very Soon, and in Pleasant Company
Sixtoo (2001) Duration
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2001) Grand Opening and Closing
Small Brown Bike (2001) Dead Reckoning
Snacktruck (2001) Demo I CDep
Spirit that Guides us, The (2001) The Sand, the Barrier
Spring Heel Jack (2001) Masses
Stairwell (2001) The Sounds of Change
Stephen Malkmus (2001) Stephen Malkmus
Suffering and the Hideous Thieves (2001) Real Panic Formed
Sufjan Stevens (2001) Enjoy Your Rabbit
Taken (2001) And They Slept
Techno Animal (2001) Brotherhood of the Bomb
This Machine Kills (2001) Death in the Audobon Ballroom
Thomas Feiner & Anywhen (2001) The Opiates
Tora! Tora! Torrance! (2001) Get into It
Tortoise (2001) Standards
Unwed Sailor (2001) The Faithful Anchor
Vandermark 5 (2001) Acoustic Machine
Venetian Snares (2001) Doll Doll Doll
Vidablue, The (2001) The Comprehensive List of Everyone… 12”
Vincent Gallo (2001) When
Wolves (2001) 4 Song Demo CS
Yage (2001) The Human Head Too Strong for Itself CDep
Yaphet Kotto (2001) Syncopated Synthetic Laments for Love

P.S. I’m considering taking every other month off, to soak & revel in the findings from the previous month …should also take the pressure off a little!