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My top 113 LPs of 2000. I started doing my Year-In-A-Month series again this year in February. This year I’m going backwards from 2000. Expect it to get ‘heavier’ and ‘heavier’ from here on out — although there will be more than a few gems you can appreciate if you’re not ‘heavy’ inclined. Guaranteed. Holler if you want to know more or hear something specific…

!!! (2000) !!!
1-Speed Bike (2000) Droopy Butt Begone!
90 Day Men (2000) (It (Is) It) Critical Band
Amon Tobin (2000) Supermodified
Anniversary, The (2000) Designing a Nervous Breakdown
Anti-Pop Consortium (2000) Tragic Epilogue
As Friends Rust (2000) The Fists of Time, Doghouse CDep (Reissue)
Avalanches, The (2000) Since I Left You
Bahamadia (2000) BB Queen CDep
Binary Star (2000) Masters of the Universe
Blackalicious (2000) Nia
Blonde Redhead (2000) Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (2002 Reissue)
Blood Brothers, The (2000) This Adultery is Ripe
Blue Skies Burning (2000) Last Leg of My First Race CDep
Boy Sets Fire (2000) After the Eulogy
Brandtson (2000) Trying to Figure Each Other Out CDep
Bright Eyes (2000) Fevers and Mirrors
Burnman (2000) Notes for a Catalogue for an Exhibition
Califone (2000) Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People
Camera Obscura (2000) To Change the Shape of the Envelope
Catharsis (2000) Passion
Centro-Matic (2000) All the Falsest Hearts Can Try
Clem Snide (2000) Your Favorite Music
Clint Mansell (2000) And Kronos Quartet, Requiem for a Dream O.S.T
Corta Vita, The (2000) Communication is Nothing without Feedback CDep
Cursive (2000) Domestica
Damien Jurado (2000) Ghost of David
Dashboard Confessional (2000) The Swiss Army Romance
David Grubbs (2000) The Spectrum Between
David Sandstrom (2000) As TEXT
Deltron 3030 (2000) Deltron 3030 (2008 Remaster)
Deluge (2000) Spot in the Shadow
Don Caballero (2000) American Don
Dose One (2000) And Boom Bip, Circle
Dose One (2000) As Themselves, Them (2003 Reissue)
Drowningman (2000) How they Light Cigarettes in Prison CDep
Drowningman (2000) Rock and Roll Killing Machine
Elliott Smith (2000) Figure 8
Engine Down (2000) To Bury within the Sound
eNVY (2000) The Eyes of Single Eared Prophet CDep
Eska (2000) Invent the Fortune
Eulcid (2000) The Wind Blew All the Flames Out
Faraquet (2000) The View from this Tower
Fire Show, The (2000) The Fire Show
Firebird Band, The (2000) The Setting Sun and it’s Satellites
Fontanelle (2000) Fontanelle
For Carnation, The (2000) The for Carnation CDep
Good Life, The (2000) Novena on a Nocturn
Hassan I Sabbah (2000) Hassan I Sabbah 7”
Hey Mercedes (2000) Hey Mercedes CDep
Jealous Sound, The (2000) The Jealous Sound CDep
Jets to Brazil (2000) Four Cornered Night
Joan of Arc (2000) The Gap
John Vanderslice (2000) Mass Suicide Occult Figurines
Josh Martinez (2000) Made in China
Juliana Theory, The (2000) Emotion is Dead
Jurassic 5 (2000) Quality Control
Kangaroo Paw (2000) Kangaroo Paw
Karate (2000) Unsolved
Kill Sadie (2000) Experiments in Expectation
Kings of Convenience (2000) Kings of Convenience
L’altra (2000) Music of a Sinking Occasion
Last Days of April (2000) Angel Youth
Legends of the Rodeo (2000) South Atlantic Hymns
Lynx (2000) Lynx
M. Ward (2000) Scene from #12 CDep
Managra (2000) A Four Way Stop, Hero of a Hundred Fights, Insidious and Tintoretto Split CDep
Managra (2000) Modern Day Rememberance
Masters of Illusion (2000) Masters of Illusion
Mates of State (2000) My Solo Project
Matthew Shipp (2000) Pastoral Composure
Medeski, Martin & Wood (2000) The Dropper
Microphones, The (2000) It was Hot, We Stayed in the Water
Mike Ladd (2000) As the Infesticons, Gun Hill Road
Mirah (2000) You Think it’s Like this, but Really it’s Like this
Mock Orange (2000) The Record Play
Modest Mouse (2000) The Moon & Antarctica
Neshamah (2000) The Grass Withers, and it’s Flower falls
North of America (2000) The Sepultura CDep
Oxes (2000) Friends Helping Friends
Panoply Academy, the (2000) Concentus
Pedro the Lion (2000) Winners Never Quit
pg.99 (2000) Document #5
Piebald (2000) The Rock Revolution Will Not be Televised CDep
Pinback (2000) As Optiganally Yours Presents, Exclusively Talentmaker!
Plan, The (2000) This Time is Not this Place
Planes Mistaken for Stars (2000) Knife in the Marathon CDep
Q and Not U (2000) No Kill No Beep Beep
Radiohead (2000) Kid A
Recess Theory (2000) They Would Walk into the Picture
Roni Size (2000) Reprazent, In the Mode
Rumah Sakit (2000) Rumah Sakit
Scientific (2000) From the Nest of Idea
Sea and Cake, The (2000) Oui
ShapeShifters (2000) Adopted by Aliens
Song of Zarathustra (2000) The Birth of Tragedy
Spy Versus Spy (2000) Spy Versus Spy (2007 Remastered Discography)
Stairwell (2000) Pacific Standard Time
Stapleton (2000) Rebuild the Pier
Storm & Stress (2000) Under Thunder and Fluorescent Light
Sunny Day Real Estate (2000) The Rising Tide
Sweep the Leg Johnny (2000) STO CAZZO!
Talib Kweli (2000) As Reflection Eternal with Hi-Tek, Train of Thought
This Day Forward (2000) The Transient Effects of Light on Water
Tied & Tickled Trio (2000) EA1 EA2
Turing Machine (2000) A New Machine for Living
Vijay Iyer (2000) Panoptic Modes
Vogue, The (2000) As Brass and Satin
Waxwing (2000) One for the Ride
Weakerthans, The (2000) Left and Leaving
William Parker (2000) And Hamid Drake, Piercing the Veil
Yage (2000) 3-17 October 1984
Zammuto (2000) Plate CDep

My top 86 LPs of 2007 — catching up on my Year-In-A-Month series. As always, holler if you want to know more or hear something specific…

Aesop Rock (2007) None Shall Pass
Akron, Family (2007) Love is Simple
Angil + Hiddntracks (2007) Oulipo Saliva
Avey Tare (2007) And Kria Brekkan, Pullhair Rubeye
Battles (2007) Mirrored
Ben and Bruno (2007) 100 Grim Reapers
Birthmark (2007) The Layer
Black Sheep (2007) 8WM, Novakane
Bowerbirds (2007) Hymns for a Dark Horse
Brother Ali (2007) And BK-One Present, Off the Record
Building Better Bombs (2007) Freak Out Squares (Feat. P.O.S.)
Caribou (2007) Andorra
Cass McCombs (2007) Dropping the Writ
Cave Singers, The (2007) Invitation Songs
Chariot, The (2007) The Fiancee
Cinematic Orchestra (2007) Ma Fleur
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! (2007) Some Loud Thunder
Coalesce (2007) Salt and Passage 7”
dälek (2007) Abandoned Language
Dear Hunter, The (2007) (Act II) The Meaning of, and all Things Regarding, Ms. Leading
Dear and the Headlights (2007) Small Steps, Heavy Hooves
Deerhoof (2007) Friend Opportunity
Dolorean (2007) You Can’t Win
Dose One (2007) As Subtle, Yell&Ice CDep
Dungen (2007) Tio Bitar
Efterklang (2007) Parades
Erin Lang (2007) You are Found
Feist (2007) The Reminder
Field Music (2007) Tones of Town
Free the Robots (2007) Free the Robots CDep
Gay for Johnny Depp (2007) The Politics of Cruelty
Giraffes, Giraffes! (2007) More Skin with Milk-Mouth
Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti (2007) Bellows
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (2007) The Swell Season
Holy F#ck (2007) LP
Iron and Wine (2007) The Shepherd’s Dog + Bonus and Boy with a Coin CDs
It Prevails (2007) The Inspiration
Joanna Newsom (2007) And the Ys Street Band CDep
John Vanderslice (2007) Emerald City
Kashiwa Daisuke (2007) Program Music I
Loney, Dear (2007) Loney, Noir
Los Campesinos! (2007) Sticking Fingers into Sockets CDep
Low (2007) Drums and Guns
Marnie Stern (2007) In Advance of the Broken Arm
Melt Banana (2007) Bambi’s Dilemma
Menomena (2007) Friend and Foe
Mira Calix (2007) Eyes Set Against the Sun
Modest Mouse (2007) We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Most Serene Republic, The (2007) Population
Mum (2007) Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy
Number Twelve Looks Like You, The (2007) Mongrel
Of Montreal (2007) Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer
Onry Ozzborn (2007) As Grayskul, Bloody Radio
Other Men (2007) Wake Up Swimming
POLYSICS (2007) Karate House
Paper Lions (2007) Paper Lions
Part Chimp (2007) Cup
People Press Play (2007) People Press Play
Plants and Animals (2007) With, Avec CDep
Pop Levi (2007) The Return to Form Black Magick Party
Portugal. The Man (2007) Church Mouth
Prefuse 73 (2007) Preparations
Rob Crow (2007) Living Well
Sage Francis (2007) Human the Death Dance
Secret Mommy (2007) Plays
Shins, The (2007) Wincing the Night Away
Shugo Tokumaru (2007) Exit
Shuta Hasunuma (2007) OK Bamboo
Sixtoo (2007) Jackals and Vipers in Envy of Man
Sleeping People (2007) Growing
Snake the Cross the Crown, The (2007) Cotton Teeth
Sounds Like Violence (2007) With Blood on My Hands
Spoon (2007) Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Tenniscoats (2007) Tan-Tan Therapy
Tera Melos (2007) Drugs to the Dear Youth
Thao Nguyen (2007) And the Get Down Stay Down, We Brave Bee Stings and All
Thee More Shallows (2007) Book of Bad Breaks
Tiny, The (2007) Starring, Someone Like You
Tujiko Noriko (2007) Solo
Two Gallants (2007) Two Gallants
Valgeir Sigurdsson (2007) Ekvilibrium
Vandaveer (2007) Grace & Speed
Vic Chestnutt (2007) North Star Deserter
Wilco (2007) Sky Blue Sky
Willits + Sakamoto (2007) Ocean Fire

My top 70 LPs of 2006 — catching up on my Year-In-A-Month series. As always, holler if you want to know more or hear something specific…

An Albatross (2006) Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Warp Kumite)
Andrew Bird (2006) Mysterious Production of Eggs
Aoki Takamasa (2006) Parabolica
Bizzart (2006) Bloodshot Mama
Blood Brothers, The (2006) Young Machetes
Bonnie ”Prince” Billy (2006) The Letting Go
Bound Stems (2006) Appreciation Night
Brightblack Morning Light (2006) Brightblack Morning Light
Califone (2006) Roots & Crowns
Chad VanGaalen (2006) Skelliconnection
Cold War Kids (2006) Robbers & Cowards
Contriva (2006) Separate Chambers
Cornelius (2006) Sensuous
DJ Wally (2006) And DJ Willie Ross, Mrs. Miller’s House
Damien Jurado (2006) And Now that I’m in Your Shadow
Danielson Famile (2006) Ships
David Sandstrom (2006) Overdrive, Go Down!
Decemberists, The (2006) The Crane Wife
Destroyer (2006) Destroyer’s Rubies
Dose One (2006) As Subtle, For Hero, For Fool
Electric President (2006) Electric President
Enablers (2006) Output Negative Space
Eulcid (2006) Hope, and Songs to Sing
Fat Jon (2006) And Styrofoam, The Same Channel
Field Music (2006) Write Your Own History
Fog (2006) Loss Leader CDep
Four Tet (2006) Everything Ecstatic, Pt. II CDep
Fujiya & Miyagi (2006) Transparent Things
Hella (2006) Acoustics CDep
Herbert (2006) Scale
Hot Snakes (2006) Thunder Down Under
Humcrush (2006) Hornswoggle
Huntsville (2006) For the Middle Class
Islands (2006) Return to the Sea
Joan of Arc (2006) Eventually, All at Once
Joanna Newsom (2006) Ys
Keith Fullerton Whitman (2006) Lisbon
Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, The (2006) The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
M’s, The (2006) Future Women
MF Doom (2006) Meets Clutchy Hopkins CDep
Malajube (2006) Trompe L’Oeil
Max Richter (2006) Songs from Before
Mountaineer (2006) When the Air is Bright They Shine
My Brightest Diamond (2006) Bring Me the Workhorse
Owen (2006) At Home with
P.O.S. (2006) Audition
Pajo (2006) 1968
Paul Brill (2006) Harpooner
Plus Minus (2006) Let’s Build a Fire
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box (2006) CARTOOOM!
Portugal. The Man (2006) Waiter, ”You Vultures!”
Radiohead (2006) As Thom Yorke, The Eraser
Ray Lamontagne (2006) Till the Sun Turns Black
Society’s Finest (2006) And I, The Drunkards
Solillaquists of Sound (2006) As if We Existed
Sonic Youth (2006) Rather Ripped
Sparklehorse (2006) Dreamt for Light Years in the Belly of a Mountain
Sufjan Stevens (2006) The Avalanche, Illinois Outtakes
T.W. Walsh (2006) As the Soft Drugs, In Moderation CDep
Teitur (2006) Stay Under the Stars
Thunderbirds are Now! (2006) Make History
Tom Waits (2006) Orphans (I) Brawlers
Tom Waits (2006) Orphans (II) Bawlers
Tom Waits (2006) Orphans (III) Bastards
Twelve Tribes (2006) Midwest Pandemic
Two Gallants (2006) What the Toll Tells
Under Byen (2006) Samme Stof Som Stof
Vetiver (2006) To Find Me Gone
Whisper in the Noise, A (2006) As the Bluebird Sings
Xiu Xiu (2006) The Air Force

My top 106 LPs of 2005 — catching up on my Year-In-A-Month series. As always, holler if you want to know more or hear something specific…

1-Speed Bike (2005) Someone Told Me Life Gets Easier in Your 50’s
13 & goD (2005) 13 & goD
Akron, Family (2005) Akron, Family
Antony and the Johnsons (2005) I am a bird Now
Archer Prewitt (2005) Wilderness
Asa-Chang & Junray (2005) Minna No Junray
Atmosphere (2005) You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having
Awesome New Republic (2005) ANR so Far
Axel Krygier (2005) Zorzal
Bane (2005) The Note
Benjamin Biolay (2005) A L’Origine
Black Mountain (2005) Black Mountain
Black to Comm (2005) Rückwärts Backwards
Blackalicious (2005) The Craft
Boduf Songs (2005) Boduf Songs
Bonnie ”Prince” Billy (2005) And Tortoise, The Brave and the Bold (Covers)
Books, The (2005) Lost and Safe
Bound Stems (2005) The Logic of Building the Body Plan CDep
Broken Social Scene (2005) Broken Social Scene
Buck 65 (2005) Secret House Against the World
Bucket Full of Teeth (2005) IV
Cage (2005) Hell’s Winter
Caribou (2005) The Milk of Human Kindness
Chad VanGaalen (2005) Infiniheart
Chris Brokaw (2005) Incredible Love — MP3
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! (2005) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Clem Snide (2005) End of Love
CocoRosie (2005) Noah’s Ark
Cristian Vogel (2005) Station 55
Crystal Skulls (2005) Blocked Numbers
Curl up and Die (2005) The One Above All, the End of All That is
DJ Format (2005) If You Can’t Join ‘em… Beat ‘em!
Damien Jurado (2005) On My Way to Absence
Decemberists, The (2005) Picaresque
Deerhoof (2005) The Runners Four
Desert City Soundtrack (2005) Perfect Addiction
Dose One (2005) Ha
Drowningman (2005) Don’t Push us When We’re Hot
Edan (2005) Beauty and the Beat
End (2005) The Sick Generation
F.S. Blumm (2005) Zweite Meer
Fantomas (2005) Suspended Animation
fbcfabric & Reindeer (2005) It’s Not Who You Know, it’s Whom You Know
Fieldwork (2005) Simulated Progress
Fog (2005) 10th Avenue Freakout
Four Tet (2005) Everything Ecstatic
Free the Robots (2005) The Prototype — MP3
Gay for Johnny Depp (2005) Blood, The Natural Lubricant (An Apocalyptic Adventure Beyond Sodom And Gomorrah) CDep
Herbert (2005) Plat du Jour
Hey Mercedes (2005) Unorchestrated CDep — MP3
Holy F#ck (2005) Holy F#ck
Hood (2005) Outside Closer
Howard Hello (2005) Howard Hello CDep
Hrvatski (2005) Irrevocably Overdriven Break Freakout Megamix
I Hate Myself (2005) 3 Songs 12” — MP3
Illogic (2005) Write to Death (II) The Missing Pieces
Iron and Wine (2005) Woman King CDep
Jason Forrest (2005) Shamelessly Exciting
Joan of Arc (2005) As Make Believe, Shock of Being
John Vanderslice (2005) Pixel Revolt
Karkwa (2005) Les Tremblements S’immobilisent
Kashiwa Daisuke (2005) April.#02
Keith Fullerton Whitman (2005) Multiples
Life at these Speeds (2005) Life at these Speeds + 2
Low (2005) The Great Destroyer
Lyrics Born (2005) Same Sh#t, Different Day
M. Ward (2005) Transistor Radio
MF Doom (2005) And Danger Mouse as DANGERDOOM, The Mouse and The Mask
MF Doom (2005) Madvillain Remixes by Four Tet & Koushik
Mae Shi, The (2005) Heartbeeps — MP3
Maritime (2005) We, The Vehicles
Mike Ladd (2005) Father Divine
Mike Ladd (2005) Negrophilia
Most Serene Republic, The (2005) Underwater Cinematographer
Mount Eerie (2005) ”No Flashlight” (Songs of the Fulfilled Night +4 Extra Songs)
Mr. Lif (2005) And Akrobatik as the Perceptionists, Black Dialogue
Neva Dinova (2005) The Hate Yourself Change
Number Twelve Looks Like You, The (2005) Nuclear Sad Nuclear
Oddjobs (2005) Expose Negative — MP3
Of Montreal (2005) The Sunlandic Twins
Okay (2005) High Road
Okay (2005) Low Road
Okkervil River (2005) Black Sheep Boy
Onry Ozzborn (2005) As Grayskul, Deadlivers
Part Chimp (2005) I am Come
Piglet (2005) Lava Land
Playing Enemy (2005) I was Your City — MP3
Plot to Blow up the Eiffel Tower, The (2005) Love in the Fascist Brothel
Prefuse 73 (2005) Security Screenings
Prefuse 73 (2005) Surrounded by Silence
Resplendent (2005) Am I Free, I am Free — MP3
Ricci Rucker (2005) Fuga
Sam Prekop (2005) Who’s Your New Professor
Satanicpornocultshop (2005) Zap Meemees
Shining (2005) In the Kingdom of Kitsch You Will be a Monster
South San Gabriel (2005) The Carlton Chronicles, Not Until the Operation’s Through
Spoon (2005) Gimme Fiction
Sufjan Stevens (2005) Illinois
Sun Kil Moon (2005) Tiny Cities (Modest Mouse Covers)
Tujiko Noriko (2005) And Aoki Takamasa, 28
Turmoil (2005) Pinstripes and Neckties CDep
Venetian Snares (2005) Rossz Csillag Alatt Szuletett
Vijay Iyer (2005) Reimagining
Why (2005) Elephant Eyelash
Why (2005) Sanddollars CDep
Wolf Parade (2005) Apologies to the Queen Mary

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My grandmother (on my mother’s side) in the 1920s or 1930s

Top 20 of 2013 (out of +400 LPs)
Shearwater (2013) Fellow Travelers
Crash of Rhinos (2013) Knots
The Revival Hour (2013) Scorpio Little Devil
Dosh (2013) Milk Money
Dawn of Midi (2013) Dysnomia
3:33 (2013) Bicameral Brain (I) The Commander
Jonathan Wilson (2013) Fanfare
Said the Whale (2013) Hawaiii
Free the Robots (2013) The Balance
Vampire Weekend (2013) Modern Vampires of the City
Suuns (2013) Images Du Futur
Son Lux (2013) Lanterns
Tim Hecker (2013) Virgins
Jon Hopkins (2013) Immunity
Craig Taborn Trio (2013) Chants
Villagers (2013) {Awayland}
The Watermark High (2013) Murmurs CDep
Matmos (2013) The Marriage of True Minds
Deafheaven (2013) Sunbather
Childish Gambino (2013) Because the Internet

And 75 more from my ‘short list’
Alessi’s Ark (2013) The Still Life
And so I Watch You from Afar (2013) All Hail Bright Futures
Anna Meredith (2013) Jet Black Raider CDep
The Arcade Fire (2013) Reflektor
Axes (2013) AXES
Blackout Beach (2013) Blues Trip
Boduf Songs (2013) Burnt up on Re-Entry
Bonnie “Prince” Billy & the Marquis de Tren(2013) Solemns CDep
Brandt Brauer Frick (2013) Miami
Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip (2013) The Abstract and the Dragon
Cage (2013) Kill the Architect
Califone (2013) Stitches
Cass McCombs (2013) Big Wheel and Others
Cave Singers, The (2013) Naomi
Chris Schlarb (2013) Psychic Temple II
Cokiyu (2013) Haku CDep
Colin Stetson (2013) New History Warfare (Vol. III) To See More Light
DJ Format & Phill Most Chill (2013) The Foremost
David Grubbs (2013) The Plain Where the Palace Stood
Deltron 3030 (2013) Event 2
Demdike Stare (2013) Testpressings (001 to 003)
Doomtree (2013) Karaoke
Dr. Dog (2013) B-Room
F#ck Buttons (2013) Slow Focus
The Flaming Lips (2013) The Terror
Forest Swords (2013) Engravings
Ghostpoet (2013) Some Say I So I Say Light
Grayskul (2013) Zenith
Gregory Alan Isakov (2013) The Weatherman
Hayden (2013) Us Alone
How to Destroy Angels (2013) Welcome Oblivion
J-Zone (2013) Peter Pan Syndrome
John Vanderslice (2013) Dagger Beach
John Vanderslice (2013) Vanderslice Plays David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs
Julia Holter (2013) Loud City Song
Junip (2013) Junip
Kelpe (2013) Fourth the Golden Eagle
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard (2013) Float Along - Fill Your Lungs
Latyrx (2013) The Second Album
Laurel Halo (2013) Chance of Rain
Listener (2013) Time is a Machine
Living Sacrifice (2013) Ghost Thief
Los Campesinos! (2013) No Blues
Mark Kozelek & Jimmy Lavalle (2013) Perils from the Sea
Mark Kozelek (2013) Like Rats
Mark Kozelek & Desertshore (2013) Mark Kozelek & Desertshore
Marnie Stern (2013) The Chronicles of Marnia
Melt Yourself Down (2013) Melt Yourself Down
Melt-Banana (2013) Fetch
Mike Ladd & Vijay Iyer (2013) Holding it Down (The Veterans’ Dreams Project)
Moddi (2013) Set the House on Fire
Mutual Benefit (2013) Loves Crushing Diamond
The National (2013) Trouble Will Find Me
Native (2013) Orthodox
Night Beds (2013) Country Sleep
Nils Frahm & F.S. Blumm (2013) Music for Wobbling: Music Versus Gravity
Nils Frahm (2013) Spaces
Nisennenmondai (2013) N
Okkervil River (2013) The Silver Gymnasium
Paper Lions (2013) My Friends
Pete Swanson (2013) Punk Authority
Portugal. The Man (2013) Evil Friends
Pretty Lights (2013) A Color Map of the Sun
Richard Skelton (2013) An Ash-Tree Which the Ignorant Call Holy
Richard Skelton (2013) Skura
Sage Francis (2013) Sick to D(EAT)H
Sam Amidon (2013) Bright Sunny South
Seaworthy & Taylor Deupree (2013) Wood, Winter, Hollow
Serengeti (2013) C.A.B. CDep
Serengeti (2013) Kenny Dennis LP
Solillaquists of Sound (2013) The 4th Wall, Pt. II
Steve Mason (2013) Monkey Minds in the Devil’s Time
Thao Nguyen & the Get Down Stay Down (2013) We the Common
Tim Berne’s Snakeoil (2013) Shadow Man
ZEUS! (2013) Opera

16 months today… Who wants more grapes?

Happy 2014! Let’s go big this year…