IN PHOTOS: First day of the Ja Ja Ja Festival of Nordic music at the Roundhouse in London by yours truly. More photos on The 405

A couple candids from the private view of a photography exhibition titled “Adristorical Lands" at the 12 Star Gallery in London earlier this week. If you’re interested in some off-the-beaten-path holiday destinations — the exhibition is on display until the 8th November.

"Adristorical Lands is an EU-funded project that promotes the cultural values of the Adriatic territories, enhancing local identities and promoting tourism based on the appeal of historical villages, walled cities, castles and cultural sites" — 12 Star Gallery

Gallium is a silvery metal with atomic number 31. It’s used in semiconductors and LEDs, but the cool thing about it is its melting point, which is only about 85 degrees Fahrenheit. If you hold a solid gallium crystal in your hand, your body heat will cause it to slowly melt into a silvery metallic puddle. Pour it into a dish, and it freezes back into a solid. While you probably shouldn’t lick your fingers after playing with it, gallium isn’t toxic and won’t make you crazy like mercury does.

So it’s just been confirmed that I’m being published in's limited edition 2013 year-book. If you can afford to be 1 of 1700 people that'll be able to get their hands on one — all of their past year-books have sold out — your hard earned €79 (inclusive of worldwide shipping) will get you a hefty 1.4kg hardcover photo-book containing 220 full sized photos, including the very first ever photo of my daughter Maia's dramatic entrance into our lives.

Top 10 Most Listened to Albums

01) Colin Stetson (2011) New History Warfare (Vol. II) Judges
02) Anti-Pop Consortium (2009) Fluorescent Black
03) Circulatory System (2009) Signal Morning
04) Satanicpornocultshop (2010) Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos
05) Plants and Animals (2012) The End of That
06) 13&god (2011) Own Your Ghost
07) Dwayne Sodahberk (2006) Cut Open
07) Aesop Rock (2012) Skelethon
09) Paul Brill (2006) Harpooner
10) Amon Tobin (2011) ISAM

According to my fastidious scrobbling, these are the 10 albums that I’ve been listening to most over the past 8 years.

Interesting how most listened to Albums differs from most listened to Artists. Satanicpornocultshop is the only artist that makes both lists. Most listened to Artists: Joan of Arc, Prefuse 73, Damien Jurado, Deerhoof, Sufjan Stevens, Radiohead, Satanicpornocultshop, Califone, Sixtoo, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Isolate the residue

Had a meeting this morning about an upcoming photo-story I’m hoping to shoot. Looks like I’ve been given the access I need to make it a possibility. Exciting!

So tumblr tells me I’ve had this ‘blog’ for 5 years now… I’ve got to admit, the UX of tumblr has only improved since the Yahoo takeover. Not sure how much of this was developed pre-Yahoo, but either way… Bring it!

My top 136 LPs of 2004 to continue my Year-In-A-Month series. This one took a little longer than a month, so I took it easy and stretched it out over two instead! Take a listen on via Tomahawk or Spotify. There are likely missing tracks, so holler if you’re curious about something…

( ( ( microwaves ) ) ) (2004) Attack Decay Sustain Release
Akrobatik (2004) Balance
Alison Ranger (2004) Formula Imperative
Animal Collective (2004) Sung Tongs
Arcade Fire (2004) Funeral
Asa-Chang & Junray (2004) Kana (with Hanaregumi) CDs
Ativin (2004) Night Mute
Battles (2004) B EP CDep
Beauty Pill (2004) The Unsustainable Lifestyle
Beta Band, The (2004) Heroes to Zeros
Bjork (2004) Medulla
Black Eyes (2004) Cough
Bleeding Kansas (2004) 1859
Blonde Redhead (2004) Misery is a Butterfly
Blood Brothers, The (2004) Crimes
Br. Danielson (2004) Brother, Son
Broken Social Scene (2004) Bee Hives
Broken Spindles (2004) fulfilled,complete
Buried Inside (2004) Chronoclast
Califone (2004) Heron King Blues
Cass McCombs (2004) A
Circle Takes the Square (2004) As the Roots Undo
cLOUDDEAD (2004) Ten
Converge (2004) You Fail Me
Craig Taborn (2004) Junk Magic
dalek (2004) Absence
DJ Krush (2004) Jaku
DJ Signify (2004) Sleep No More
DJ Spooky (2004) Rhythm Science
Daughters (2004) Remastered Daughters 7”
David Grubbs (2004) A Guess at the Riddle
David Sandstrom (2004) The Dominant Need of the Needy Soul is to be Needed
Death from Above 1979 (2004) You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine
Deerhoof (2004) Milk Man
Devendra Banhart (2004) Nino Rojo
Devendra Banhart (2004) Rejoicing in the Hands
Dolorean (2004) Violence in the Snowy Fields
Dose One (2004) As Subtle, A New White
Dungen (2004) Ta Det Lugnt
Edan (2004) As the Dee-Jay, Sound of the Funky Drummer
edIT (2004) Crying Over Pros for No Reason
Elliott Smith (2004) From a Basement on the Hill
Enablers (2004) End Note
End (2004) Percussions
End (2004) The Sounds of Disaster
Engine Down (2004) Engine Down
Evil Nine (2004) You Can be Special Too
Feist (2004) Let it Die
Frog Eyes (2004) The Folded Palm
Gay for Johnny Depp (2004) Erotically Charged Dance Songs for the Desperate
Haiku d’Etat (2004) Coup de Theatre
Handsome Boy Modeling School (2004) White People
Hayden (2004) Elk-Lake Serenade
Hella (2004) The Devil isn’t Red
Hot Cross (2004) Fair Trades and Farewells CDep
Hot Snakes (2004) Audit in Progress
Humcrush (2004) Stronen, Storlokken
Illogic (2004) Celestial Clockwork
Insight (2004) Targeting Zones
Insight (2004) The Blast Radius
Iron and Wine (2004) Our Endless Numbered Days
Jaga Jazzist (2004) As Lars Horntveth, Pooka
Jason Forrest (2004) The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash
Joan of Arc (2004) As Make Believe, Make Believe CDep
Joan of Arc (2004) Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain
John Vanderslice (2004) Cellar Door
Kaki King (2004) Legs to Make us Longer
Karate (2004) Pockets
Karst (2004) Vision of Insane Hope
Kill Sadie (2004) We’re All a Little Sick
Kings of Convenience (2004) Riot on an Empty Street
Lali Puna (2004) Faking the Books
MF Doom (2004) As Viktor Vaughn, Venomous Villain
Maroons (2004) Ambush
Matthew Shipp (2004) Harmony and Abyss
Max Richter (2004) The Blue Notebooks
Medeski, Martin & Wood (2004) End of World Party
mewithoutYou (2004) Catch for us the Foxes
Micah P. Hinson (2004) And the Gospel of Progress (2005 Release)
Mike Ladd (2004) Nostalgialator
Mike Patton (2004) And Kaada, Romances
Minor Times, The (2004) Making Enemies
Minus the Bear (2004) They Make Beer Commercials Like This CDep (2008 Remaster)
Mirah (2004) C’mon Miracle
Mock Orange (2004) Mind is Not Brain
Modest Mouse (2004) Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Mr. Lif (2004) And Akrobatik as the Perceptionists, The Razor
National Bank, The (2004) The National Bank
Nitrada (2004) We Don’t Know Why but We do it
Noxagt (2004) The Iron Point
O.Lamm (2004) Hello Spiral
Of Montreal (2004) Satanic Panic in the Attic
Off Minor (2004) Innominate
Owen (2004) I Do Perceive
P.O.S. (2004) Ipecac Neat
pAper chAse, the (2004) god bless your blAck heArt
Panoply Academy, the (2004) Everything Here was Built to Break
Pedro the Lion (2004) Achilles Heel
Pinback (2004) Summer in Abaddon
Polyphonic Spree, The (2004) Together We’re Heavy
Promise Ring, The (2004) Wood, Water
Puente Celeste (2004) Manana Domingo
Radioinactive (2004) And AntiMC, Free Kamal
Rapider than Horsepower (2004) Stage Fright, Stage Fright, This is My Big Night
Red Light Sting, The (2004) Hands Up, Tiger
Rob Sonic (2004) Telicatessen
Roots, The (2004) The Tipping Point
Savath and Savalas (2004) Apropa’t
Sixtoo (2004) Chewing on Glass & Other Miracle Cures
Skalpel (2004) Skalpel
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (2004) Of Natural History
Slowblow (2004) Slowblow
Solex (2004) The Laughing Stock of Indie Rock
Sonic Youth (2004) Sonic Nurse
Sounds Like Violence (2004) The Pistol CDep
Stina Nordenstam (2004) The World is Saved
Styrofoam (2004) Nothing’s Lost
Suffering and the Hideous Thieves (2004) Rats in Heaven
Sufjan Stevens (2004) Seven Swans
TTC (2004) Batards Sensible
TV on the Radio (2004) Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
Thavius Beck (2004) Decomposition
Thee More Shallows (2004) More Deep Cuts
Tom Waits (2004) Real Gone
Turing Machine (2004) Zwei
Twelve Tribes (2004) The Rebirth of Tragedy
Two Gallants (2004) The Throes
Vandermark 5 (2004) Color of Memory
Venetian Snares (2004) Moonglow bw This Bitter Earth 7”
Vincent & Mr. Green (2004) Vincent & Mr. Green
Wilco (2004) A Ghost is Born
Will Johnson (2004) Vultures Await
Wordsworth (2004) Mirror Music
Woven Hand (2004) Consider the Birds
Xiu Xiu (2004) Fabulous Muscles
Zu (2004) And Spaceways INC, RADIALE

"I’ll have that one…"

Google+ made this from a sequence of images without me even having to ask… Pretty cool. I switched off the ‘auto-enhance’ feature though, since I tend to process my own images, but it’ll be fab for most!

I’m happy to do cat portraiture too btw…

My local Brockley fox family complete with three cubs…

I was hired to shoot the first night of the Liverpool Sound City Festival for last night. Such a good night. These are some of the shots that I live photo-blogged using my Canon 5D MKIII, an Eye-Fi SD card, my iPhone and Dropbox’s Camera Upload — BAM!

There are a bunch more shots on the Facebook Page and will no doubt be more to follow once I get a chance to go through all the photos properly this weekend.

My work listening setup: Schiit Modi DAC » Schiit Magni headphone amplifier » Soundmagic HP100 headphones… Yes!

Just spotted what I thought must be Crispin Hellion Glover’s older brother in Kojak s04e02. Turns out it was his father Bruce Herbert Glover!